Cullingtree Meadows Housing Scheme (Dementia)

Cullingtree Meadows is a new and exciting supported housing scheme for people living with dementia.  The facility provides 30 modern, quality apartments.

KnoxClayton Architects consulted with experts from Stirling University’s Dementia Services Development Centre to establish principles of design & layout of this project.


The concept for the overall project was to create a responsive and accessible design which ‘makes sense’to its end users with the creation of a homely, pleasant, private and safe environment rather than an “institutional” atmosphere.

The layout of the scheme was very important; creating wide open, but interconnected spaces with airy hallways and lots of windows, offering visually recognisable markers throughout, regardless of location. Soft colour schemes & furnishings; sensitively landscaped gardens and pathways; lots of internal and external “connection” points – all the ingredients for a very calm, relaxed and stable environment.

A range of assistive technology was incorporated to maintain the tenant’s safety within each apartment.

We’re very proud of this design and this has been reflected in a number of recent awards / commendations.

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Designing healthy spaces for optimal patient care