We are an American owned company with operations in Northern Ireland.  We engaged Knox & Clayton’s services to construct our new corporate headquarters in Carrickfergus, overlooking Belfast Lough.

Their understanding of our specific requirements / vision was evident from the outset.  Knox & Clayton’s wide ranging expertise in the construction and design industries have enabled us to engage top quality contractors and suppliers.  Thanks to their collaborative approach, an excellent team effort has been engendered throughout the build. We are looking forward to the handover of our new offices later this year, on time and in budget.

The new “Irish Salt Mining Corporation” Headquarters at Kilroot, Carrickfergus are progressing well. This 10,000 sq. ft. building overlooks Belfast Lough and will house the above-ground operations of the company. 400 metres below ground, and extending inland through a maze of tunnels, are the company’s salt mines – the only salt mining operation on the island of Ireland. Approximately 500,000 tonnes of rock salt (for de-icing roads) are produced each year from the mines, 1/5th of which is used annually to grit our roads.

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